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TENGCON New Product OF T9 Series PLC--T-903S is available
Author:    From:    Add Time: 2012-04-23 15:27:50   

T-903S is Teng control technology development of a compact type programmable controller, I / O needs of single and less number of points field setting, T-903S only design16 AI analog input interface, concise and practical, the cost savings to customers.

T-903S as one of T9series model, the stability of product performance allow all doubt, can also meet the harsh outdoor environments, - 40 DEG to85 DEG wide working temperature; I / O photoelectric isolation design; serial communication isolation design.

T-903S IEC61131-3programming environment; to support the MODBUS / TCP protocol; to support the MODBUS protocol; supporting CAN protocol.

T-903S with 110M /100M Ethernet interface;2 RS232/ RS485 interface;1 CAN port.

Free on the T-903S programming environment, support ST, SFC, LD, FBD, IL five programming language; to provide1 way24V DC power supply, the maximum power 5W.

The birth of T-903S, mean Teng control technology in T9 series product line to upgrade again, the product model is more comprehensive, make your system more flexible, convenient and.

Teng control technology in T9 series details, please visit: http: / / www.cngamecn.com / product / PLC /.

Beijing Teng control technology limited company, its predecessor, Beijing controlled micro network technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, under the jurisdiction of including easy control micro net, Teng Teng Zhi Yi automation control, controlling subsidiaries, products related to PLC, RTU, gateway, man-machine interface and many other product lines.

From west to east gas pipeline to the Olympic works, from the Tang Jiashan lake to the major oil field monitoring, from Baosteel to Yangzi Petrochemical and other large enterprises, are Teng control technology of footprint. Company's products with annual sales of nearly 10000sets of arrogant person outstanding achievement among the forefront of the domestic industry, has won many customers and partners long-term recognition and support!

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